For most people, the most frustrating component of an epilepsy diagnosis is its unpredictability. Anxiety and stress levels that are a part of daily life without epilepsy suddenly reach new heights when the fear of seizures and potential falls are added to the mix. Though epilepsy doesn’t have to have an effect on all of your daily activities. There are ways to manage epilepsy that will allow you to have a fun, fulfilled life without feeling alone and isolated.

  1. Know your epilepsy.

Do your best to know everything you can about what types of seizures you have, triggers, medication side effects, etc. Make sure that it is okay for you to be alone in different settings and if you have any questions, be sure to check with your doctor.

  1. Always have your identification.

Wear a bracelet or carry a medical ID that states that you have epilepsy along with other important information such as an emergency contact and your medications.

  1. Reach out to others.

Look for a support group. A local Epilepsy Foundation may able to help connect you to others that are dealing with the same types of situations that you are. Connecting with those in the same boat will help you to feel less isolated and boost your mood.

  1. Get active!

Check with your doctor and find an exercise that’s best for you and your epilepsy. Exercise can even be going for a walk or simply working in the yard. If you can do a more aerobic exercise, you may find that your mood is improving along with your self-esteem and overall health.

  1. Get enough sleep.

Sticking to a sleep schedule is important as fatigue has been known to be a trigger in epileptics. Make a routine schedule for yourself and stick to it.

  1. Make your environment safe.

In case you do have a seizure, make your home as safe possible. If you have hard flooring, try to cover areas with carpet or rugs. Safety straps can also be installed in the shower. Using paper or plastic kitchen dishes and utensils is also a much safer option.

While epilepsy can be unpredictable, utilizing these tips can help to prevent some of the effects epilepsy has on your day-to-day activities and achieve the goal of a fun, active life. If you’re seeking new treatment options for your epilepsy symptoms, a new clinical study is enrolling now at Northwest Florida Clinical Research Group. Qualified participants receive care from board-certified physicians and close medical monitoring throughout the study.  Study participants often learn valuable information about caring for their condition as well.  Compensation is also provided for time and travel expenses. 

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